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Leware Construction Company of FL, Inc.

Leware Construction Company, a Florida based Corporation specializing in bridge construction, was founded in 1970 by James F. Leware, Sr. (1935-1986).

The firm remains a privately owned business, operated by the Founder’s oldest sons, Jim and Scott Leware. Based in the central Florida town of Leesburg, Leware Construction works throughout the State of Florida, with the majority of their projects being performed for the Florida Department of Transportation and local municipalities. Contracts are attained through the process of competitive bidding, design-build, and negotiated contracts.

With an experienced staff of professional, construction, support and administrative personnel, combined with a substantial fleet of lift cranes, pile hammers, barges, tug boats, demolition and concrete equipment, Leware Construction has the ability to provide turnkey bridge services in meeting the demands of its clientele. Bonding and insurance requirements are met without reservation. We are qualified with the FDOT in the areas of Major, Intermediate, and Minor Bridges in addition to several other categories.


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