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emergency repair of the turnpike's

bee line connector at i-4

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In mid-August of 2002 an accident occurred on Ramp “B” over I-4 in Orange County causing the closure of this heavily traveled flyover connecting SR-528 to the westbound lanes of I-4.  A tanker truck full of diesel fuel lost control and overturned, spilling its’ load which ignited on the deck of Ramp “B”.  Two spans of deck (152’) and 609’ of Traffic Railing Barrier were structurally damaged as a result.  Traffic was temporarily diverted in order to maintain access to I-4.  The Florida Turnpike Enterprise awarded Leware a contract , and we immediately mobilized our forces and began work.  Repair procedures called for the removal and replacement of the damaged deck and traffic barrier, which was accomplished ahead of schedule.

Project Details

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    Orange County, FL
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