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emergency replacement of i-75

southbound over salt creek

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In 1996, an accident took place on I-75 Southbound in Sarasota County, closing the Interstate.  A tanker truck full of diesel fuel lost control and overturned, spilling its’ load which ignited under the Salt Creek Crossing.  The Southbound traffic had to be rerouted through downtown Venice, creating a backup several miles long.  FDOT officials contacted Jim Leware, an agreement was reached and Leware Construction Company mobilized its resources based on a hand shake. Eighteen days later the bridge was reopened. All of the Bridge’s 5 span 330’ superstructure had to be removed and replaced including the AASHTO Type III Beams. Three intermediate pile caps along with their piling (to a depth of two feet below existing ground) also were required to be removed and replaced. The barrier wall was recast and painted, sod was laid, landscaping, and traffic striping. By all accounts it was a remarkable achievement involving tremendous effort and cooperation by all parties to enable so much to be accomplished in so little time.

Project Details

  • Location:
    Sarasota County, FL
  • Completed:

  • Awards:
    1996 FDOT Project of Special Significance; 1996 Concrete Project of the Year ACI - Florida Gulf Coast Chapter

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